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micronDR Breaks Barrier for Disk-Based Recoveries

Singapore, May 14, 2007 -- Using proprietary technology, micronDR has broken a barrier for disk-based data recoveries to achieve a high success rate of 98 percent. The success lies in a patentable technology, called Tecra Clean, that mirrors media coating technology. micronDR has deployed semi-robotics surface recovery technology that "rejuvenates" the disk surface, removing any debris or coating that would have been accumulated during subsequent head disk interfaces during the life of the hard drive before the catastrophic failure. Damaged disks are verified to be "flyable" using a laser-based optical scan or HDI tester.

Disks primarily use two basic layers of lube, one of which is fixed while the other is mobile. Over the period of usage, sometimes there is a cumulation of the mobile layer of the lube due to the laws of physics operating on a spinning disk known as centrifugal force, or forces of wander wall, which continuously push the layer to the disk’s outer diameter (OD). This creates a drastic change in the flying profile of the heads between the OD and the inner diameter (ID), sometimes challenging the negative pressure air bearing pads design.

The head thus flies higher resulting in poor amplitude and resolution, making way for innumerous amount of read errors or even causing a sudden build up of errors in the grown list (G-List). Controlling the flyability reduces such inconsistencies.

"Our Tecra Clean technology helps crashed disks even more when 'data recovery dudes' declare such projects unrecoverable. With this breakthrough, micronDR has increased our recoverability rate to 98 percent of all projects that enter our labs," said Tony Moeini, Director of Technology, micronDR (S) Pte Ltd.

micronDR's Class 10 certified clean room laboratory is the only one of its kind in this region. Located at Senoko, it enables the opening up of hard drive without the risk of contamination during the intricate recovery process. "What sets micronDR apart from basement shops are its technology leadership and
service level commitment. This breakthrough technology testifies of the company's data recovery capabilities, which is a definite boon for enterprises and individuals needing to retrieve data from damaged disks," said David Ng, former Senior Director of a leading hard disk maker.

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