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MicronDR is an emerging leader in the Disaster Recovery Industry, The Service programs have been tailored with Service Provider in mind.

As companies are becoming increasingly dependant on Data, Data Loss is more damaging than ever before. Service Managers tell us how prospective Business opportunities when such disasters strike their prospective clients. It has been more of an embarrising situation for the service providers when their clients suffer from Data loss.

MicronDR understands this need and has put 3 different categories of packages to cater for the needs of the different market segments.

As a Service provider , whether you are a Reseller, System Integrator or a OEM shipping out millions of Units per Quarter, our Partner Programs are specific to your needs.

For Small & Medium Enterprises, the Corporate Reseller Program will meet the needs of the SOHO environment.

For more information, check out the following brochures:

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