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Everything built has a useful shelf life, remember nothing is built to last only friendship. Drives used to have a window of usage rated to about 5 to 10 years. But as the technology and usage challenges each other , this window seems to get smaller and smaller these days.

What we need is a phase out plan to replace aging drives so that total disaster or data loss can be averted.

We see the use of modern snap fit technology that is built around fast effective production capability but not for Repairability.

Headstacks which were once assembled using a proper screw to align are snap fitted using E-Rings that snap around the pivot to give the balance. Connectors are built for single snap fit function and not repeated insertions giving way to electrical noise. Flexible Mylar is being used for connectivity sometimes tend to become brittle after subject to heat and wear and tear. Pivots that used to be made of ball bearings are now made with fluid to give more mileage to Runouts at high RPM ( Revolutions per Minute).

MR Heads are now obsolete leading the way to GMR ( Giant Magneto resistive Heads ) or even CMR ( Collosal Magneto Resistive ) Heads. Such Technology is good when comes to handling higher frequencies of recording which can handle smaller bit sizes but is not so good when comes to handling thermal asperities or every Joule heat. This makes the head most sensitive and a small leakage in contamination can be detrimental to both the Head and the Disk.

What our Technical Specialists discover that Drives are not designed for long term use but short term use. Based on our feedback on incoming drives an average of 3 years of life span is what is seen among the various families and form factors.

Hence the Need of the hour is to do deligent back up's, testing or verifying the back up's these should be core operations and not maintenance schedules , Retiring of Drives in a planned timming is essential and the value is seen to every dollar spent on keep your intellectual property continuously available despite the odds.

Myths about Data Loss

  1. Blue Screen of Death Has Killed My Data
  2. Myth: I Don't Need to Back Up Often
  3. Myth: Good Software Fixes Anything
  4. Fire and Water Destroys Computers Beyond Repair
  5. Technology is Built to Last

Testimonial from our customer
when my hard drive crashed I was so scared that I would never be able to access my irreplaceble documents and photos the MicronDR coordinator was so helpful in explaining what had happened to my drive and calming me down, I am now so happy that all of my files back! I would definitely recommend MicronDR to anyone needing recovery services.
- Laura B., -
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