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Purchasing Data Recovery Software is always not the answer to every common problem. For example a Hard Drive sounding its own death knell is when you hear a clicking sound. You cant do much at this stage but to power down and surrender the drive to a Recovery Lab with the technology that can handle physical drive failures. These are few companies out in the world that really have this technology. Most of them profess to have the technology and skills required. But in fact end up having a " Show bench" than a flow bench. Again all of them claim to have class 100 environment but really very little is done to ensure such a environment by these companies. Most of them buy a second hand Laminar flow and think they have everything it takes to recover data.

What PC Users need at this point is the ability to hear the drive out when it starts making repeated clicking noises.

What a Headstack does when the power is turned on , the Drive first starts to spin, subsequently when it starts to reach full RPM ( Revolutions per Minute), the Headstack either gets unlatched in a dynamic loading drive or starts to fly from the Textured Landing Zone in a CSS Drive ( Contact Start Stop Drive ).

The Read write transducer called as the headstack then begins to seek by reading the servo track that is available on each platter. IT then tries to read the reserve area of the Hard Disk to read the tables that are used for verifying the functionality of the drive by loading up the logical map of the Data area of the Drive . When this is not able to be loaded up, the drive starts to repeatedly moves in a radius knocking on either of the crash stops when it is unable to read the required tables.

Close to 70% of the Projects that MicronDR sees from the customer falls into this category.

Myths about Data Loss

  1. Blue Screen of Death Has Killed My Data
  2. Myth: I Don't Need to Back Up Often
  3. Myth: Good Software Fixes Anything
  4. Fire and Water Destroys Computers Beyond Repair
  5. Technology is Built to Last

Testimonial from our customer

I would like to thank you and MicronDR for the fantastic service and support you provided in recovering data from my PC hard drive. I had pictures since 2004 of my kids and family on the drive which crashed and I now have them back. keep up the great work because some things you just cannot put a price on.
- Edmund Lee, Commercial Pilot, Major International Airline
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