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Perhaps in this part of the world, you didn't face a major flood, but a personal one: You spilled your drink on your keyboard. "Don't power it on ". A very important warning that is to be headed by every user if he wants to protect his data and not further damage it beyond recoverability.

Firstly a lot of users are of the view that Disk drives are hemetically sealed. Now that is true, how ever every drive has a HEPA Filter that is fitted on the top cover. If you observe the drive carefully you will be able to see the Hole that has the warning " Do not cover this hole" on the Top Cover. Even though this filter is supposed to protect the drive from Micro particles which are gaseous and moisture, it cannot hold against a large quantity of water. Water can migrate to the critical areas which is the platters. This is the largest surface area of the drive which contains your data as residual magnetic fields. Water is dangerous because it can be contaminated with micro dust particles and also bacterial organisms. These start a corrosion on the disk surface rendering the disk unreadable and also unusable. Sometimes, oxidation starts to happen when the moisture starts giving room for surface erosion.

The Best way is to send the drive quickly to a well equipped data recovery lab with cleanroom capabilities and moisture handling capabilities.

When going thru a fire damage, not everything destroyed by fire means Data loss. There is a silver lining as long as the Hard Disk Assembly is not melted in the fire, In one of the recent fire incidents , I recall the Fire damage to a garment factory in Thailand. The Computers that were available at the factory looked totally burnt out. But when some one who had the courage to open them up, they found the drives still in one piece. When the Drives where connected to another PC, the Data was available. So take this as a mindset to verify and not be alarmed to think of the worst all the time.

Looks can be deceiving after a fiery blaze. Melted plastic, busted monitors and fried outer shells doesn't mean the data inside is destroyed. "I've seen drives where the electronics are totally charred but the disks were intact.

Myths about Data Loss

  1. Blue Screen of Death Has Killed My Data
  2. Myth: I Don't Need to Back Up Often
  3. Myth: Good Software Fixes Anything
  4. Fire and Water Destroys Computers Beyond Repair
  5. Technology is Built to Last

Testimonial from our customer
Thank you MicronDR for quickly restoring all of my accidentally deleted files, I had all of my business files deleted when installing new software and thought that I would have to start to create all the files again, a huge task. I think the service you provide is invaluble.
- Jeffery Lim, .
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