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When your PC twitches, and suddenly your monitor has been sick displaying a sea of blue. To many easily scared PC users, this means death.

"It just means your Windows operating system has some unreadable files. Simply insert your Windows restore disk and complete any kind of repairs as instructed. "

Follow the instructions on the screen, and you'll soon be back in business with only a minor inconvenience, But remember to back up the Disk by going to dos prompt and transferring all the important files before you apply the restore disk, a lot of the users got into trouble after the application of the Restore Disk, they could not find their immediate Data, everything was gone. Remember Restore button or the Restore CD is only intended to restore to the last default setting that was apparently saved. It is not intended to restore anyone's data.

Remember even if you did the imaginable, data is still on the drive on the drive when the blue screen hits, so it's only Windows that needs to be fixed.

Myths about Data Loss

  1. Blue Screen of Death Has Killed My Data
  2. Myth: I Don't Need to Back Up Often
  3. Myth: Good Software Fixes Anything
  4. Fire and Water Destroys Computers Beyond Repair
  5. Technology is Built to Last

Testimonial from our customer
Thank you MicronDR for quickly restoring all of my accidentally deleted files, I had all of my business files deleted when installing new software and thought that I would have to start to create all the files again, a huge task. I think the service you provide is invaluble.
- Jeffery Lim, .
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