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A head crash is a specific type of hard disk failure, and occurs when the read-write head of a hard disk drive touches its rotating platter resulting in catastrophic damage to the magnetic media on the platter surface.

The head normally rides on a thin film of moving air entrapped at the surface of the platter . The topmost layer of the platter is made of a Teflon-like material that acts like a lubricant. Underneath is a layer of sputtered carbon. These two layers protect the magnetic layer (data storage area) from read-write head.

A head crash can be initiated by a tiny particle of dirt which can then cause the head to bounce against the disk, destroying the thin magnetic coating on the disk. The Disk read-and-write head is made of materials hard enough to scratch through the protective layers.

Following a head crash, particles of material scraped free of the drive surface greatly increase the chances of further head crashes or damage to the platters.

Trying to recover form such damages require specialise skills where the recovery lab utilises equipment that are only found in Disk Media Manufacturing & Research Organisations. Recover Engineers would require days to build up the coating on the disk platter that have been damaged and then apply disk read techniques to obtain or piece up the data that is still present.

When a user suspect such a problem have occured, do not power up the Hard Disk Drive anymore, but rather send it in to a qualified Data Recovery Lab.

Testimonial from our customer

I would like to thank you and MicronDR for the fantastic service and support you provided in recovering data from my PC hard drive. I had pictures since 2004 of my kids and family on the drive which crashed and I now have them back. keep up the great work because some things you just cannot put a price on.
- Edmund Lee, Commercial Pilot, Major International Airline
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