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About Us

MicronDR International Pte Ltd is a leading provider of disaster recovery services founded in Singapore. We are currently expanding our Recovery Sites Internationally. We are committed to recover data - quickly and cost effectively.

Data loss is the result of mechanical or electrical failure, virus activity, system malfunctions, human error, water, fire or smoke damage, or file corruption, MicronDR has the state of the art technology and uniquely in-house talents to solve the problem.Through innovation and creativity, values that all MicronDR staff share, we strive to offer comprehensive and efficient data recovery services to all of our clientele.

In the current state of Industry disaster readiness, majority of enterprises do not have a reliable or consistent disaster recovery plan. As a result, MicronDR experts believe that there is a significant and growing demand for data recovery services.

Our Mission

  • We are dedicated to offer you world-class data recovery solutions protecting the intellectual property assets of the customer.
  • We will accomplish this through the creation of innovative processes established by studies done to ensure that, data recovery is integrated, accessible, affordable and appropriate to the customer's needs.
  • We value and recognize the contribution of every staff and foster a culture of innovation and lifelong learning.

Our Core Values


We are committed to the highest ethical standards in our conduct.


We will empathize with and demonstrate sensitivity to customers and their companies and help them to the best of our ability.


We share the Mission and Vision of the LAB and will do our part to achieve them.


We will foster a work environment of collaboration and partnership, trust and mutual respect.


We will uphold public trust in the Data Recovery Profession by our conduct, standard of service and quality of customer service.


We will be receptive to ideas, suggestions and feedback so as to continuously improve and innovate.

Social Responsibility

We will be responsible members of the community in which we live and work.

CARE Values

We will always practice CARE values when delivering care and services to our patients.

  • C : Consistency and Continuous Improvement
  • A : Attention to Details
  • R : Respect for Others
  • E : Excellence in Disaster Recovery Service
Testimonial from our customer
Dear Patrick,

I would like to express our staff gratitude and compliments to you and your team.
We had 2 harddisks failures, our internal team spent countless hours to retrieve the important data, but failed. We turned to your company for help. Your technical staff was very professional, confident and competent, he provided very useful information to our users prior to their decision to proceed with the recovery.
We were so very pleasantly surprised when the data could be retrieved by your technial team in good condition from the non-readable harddisks. Our staff were so grateful for the efforts, and everyone here knew it took tremendous efforts, persistence and sound expertise to accomplish what we had thought impossible! Now we know who to turn to for help.
Excellent job!
- Dave Lee, Regional Infrastructure Service Delivery Manager, Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
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