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When such Symptoms become a reality.................

- the Hard Drive is not recognized by the computer system anymore;

- there is no sound coming out of it; or worse, when it sounds, there is a lot of noise, scraping and rattling sound;

- Data that was previously accessible is not so anymore;

- there are lots of error messages flying across the screen of your monitor;

...........This is where Data Recovery come in.

Most of us does not even know that data recovery could be possible. Home users tend to get frustrated easily whenever there is problem with their drive. Lack of knowledge and patience leads to a quick decision to just format the harddrive, and start fresh, losing all the valuable data.

Testimonial from our customer
Thank you MicronDR for quickly restoring all of my accidentally deleted files, I had all of my business files deleted when installing new software and thought that I would have to start to create all the files again, a huge task. I think the service you provide is invaluble.
- Jeffery Lim, .
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