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When we delete a file, it is not completely "deleted". Most system put them into some kind of temporary space, commonly known as Recycle Bin, Trash, or something similar. Even when you empty recycle bin or empty trash, we can still a high chance that these files can be recovered.

The way a computer file system manages its files is rather complicated. Files are not stored in a nice, side by side locations in the storage medium. When there is not enough continuous space available, the file system will split files into many parts, and store each part in separate areas. When it comes to deleting this file, the quickest way is just to mark the file as "deleted", leaving its separate parts intact.

That is a simple way of putting it; but based on that, using MicronDR's well-developed recovery tool, we can retrieve these deleted files easily.

Testimonial from our customer
Thank you MicronDR for quickly restoring all of my accidentally deleted files, I had all of my business files deleted when installing new software and thought that I would have to start to create all the files again, a huge task. I think the service you provide is invaluble.
- Jeffery Lim, .
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