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So it just happened that while you are writing an all important report, your hard disk stops spinning, and the computer freezes. You have been working on the report for the whole of last month, and you certainly hope that the file is still there if only you could get the harddisk spinning again.

Chances are your files are still retrievable. Hard Disk consists of a lot of components: Storage and Support. It is possible that only the supporting components that refuse to operate, and the storage component is still intact.

Testimonial from our customer

I would like to thank you and MicronDR for the fantastic service and support you provided in recovering data from my PC hard drive. I had pictures since 2004 of my kids and family on the drive which crashed and I now have them back. keep up the great work because some things you just cannot put a price on.
- Edmund Lee, Commercial Pilot, Major International Airline
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